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tv   [untitled]    July 24, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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watching the weekly wrap up here on our t two thirty am in moscow these are your headlines norway morin's the victims of friday's palming in a shooting rampage that claimed the lives of at least ninety three people and shook the country to its core a norwegian man charged with carrying out the attack says his actions were quote but necessary. thousands returned to the streets of madrid calling for the government to tackle unemployment and take action over the country's crippling recession this as greece gets the ok for another multibillion euro cash injection from the e.u. . and no pot and opening
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round of questions in the u.s. over phone hacking allegations murdoch and his son were earlier grilled by the british parliament over the scandal that has shaken police politicians and the press. and challenges on earth to those challenges and space are few sophie shevardnadze sits down to interview one of the first men to step foot on the moon buzz aldrin he tells r t that the lunar landing is one of the most important parts of the astronaut mission interview coming up next. and it's a great pleasure and honor to have you with us here today thanks so i always wanted to ask you are we alone out there. there's no evidence that
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says that. we're not alone but i really think to get to the question of are they out there of course they are where there are no there's no evidence but you think if you. go you know that's that's a. jumping to bizarre results with incomplete information we were very careful not to excite the people who would jump to the conclusion that an observation immediately meant some thing that. was from somewhere else either in the testing of unusual objects or something from beyond the earth. there are many many explanations for things that are unidentified and it talks many
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of those explanations are in your backyard there's something that you just don't know was there it's not there for some reason it's very logical very understandable . but the. the the media the press the exaggerating public wants to see bizarre usual things and they want to be the one that sought there's a competition oh i saw something therefore i must be important it's a human trait to to want to be different than other people and i saw the u.f.o. you know you didn't see a lot i did i did and that's that's what people want to. project themselves because they they want to move above the the ordinary person they want to be the person who saw the u.f.o.
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now you are second man on the first one to hold a religious service and that wasn't bearcats by not how you feel about it. well i think i need to really put into perspective. the achievements of a spacecraft going speed and a planet or a moon an object and making contact we call it landy that's very very complex and until you land you can't even think about opening and going down. floating in space outside the spacecraft without the mood is challenging and we need to have assistance. walking down a ladder is very very simple ok but the symbology of a human being not in the space where if it just did a very complex thing like reading that's the symbology of that that's still
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a big sheen but now the human brain goes down and he walks on the surface only that support. well yes it's important because people expect to want to see somebody actually doing that sort of ordinary activity that's there it's a known fact that never lost their sense of human humor roger he has to wear number one on the runway that's what you said when you're living in one where he actually that's two doctrines. what anybody else up there would be number two and there are certainly wasn't any runway up there but anyone who is a pilot those the phrase when the tower says you are cleared for takeoff like houston said to us they roll out there and they say i'm number one on the runway were you happy or were you sad to be leaving. or he wanted to see this come to a successful. conclusion so that the more things you can sort of
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get behind you and closer to the the end and they. projected according to the schedule as you move toward the end you're happier and happier since before i came to talk to you sir i try to for a split second as much as i could imagine what how much my life would change if i were able to find the space and then i had it and then i figured if i ever were to walk on moon and be so close to stars almost as close as touching them and then back on earth if i'm restricted to the congress of earth i'm really sad and you had a clinical depression was that related to the fact that you stopped your active duty well i wrote a biography shortly after i came back and it was not cold journey to the moon that wasn't challenging for me what was challenging was the title you earn for i have
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been fortunate to do something that people have dreamed about and now i come back and i'm associated with people that didn't do that and then i have to somehow relate as a very different person and that's very challenging. and my wish is for what i want maybe after that to happen and my life may not turn out the way i i want to be and so i may be discouraged. this is that an individual you know we end herit tendencies from our parents and our grandparents and the way that they have behaved. with challenging circumstances made me the same way that i will my children it's called inheritance and in behavior that is challenging
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many times one wants to forget about leave the present world for for a sense of. escape and drugs in my case alcohol turned out to be a way to escape from the. the un satisfactory the discouraging aspects of oppression one needs on the other and you have to put those behind that's not an easy thing to do and that takes. from normal it takes a descent to abnormal and performance and when you saw doing that you now are recovering and surprisingly enough you may recover way beyond above what you ever would have done had you not have to do this and i think
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i am testimony to that change which which is making me a much more capable person today because experts those things if you had a chance would you fly to the moon or out in space again because we have apache arkan russian he's sixty four years old and he's an avid fire and he said he would love to to be my myspace tourists would you want to fly again there's no way being a a passenger. tourist or whatever you might call a an experimenter that could compare with the good fortune of doing something for the first time. besides that i don't think i'm right to say my talents would not be used very a peck typically are going to back their mood off of it by me with lamps i can think i can speak remember but my talents can be used by taking those experiences
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and projecting that it would appear so it is more valuable for the brain and service to mankind as a military person and service to my country to use what i have accumulated it with spirits and projecting that successfully into the future and that's more satisfying that doing something again but i think of mars five hundred because it costs a lot of money and it really fails surely to any tapes to the exact conditions of space flight to mars purpose. it is a step in the right direction we had a program called biosphere two where we put people inside a structure. for up to two years in living conditions with. plants and water and.
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atmosphere and we learned from doing that but the people inside knew that they weren't at mars they weren't somewhere else and so did the people with project five hundred to me it was indicative maybe of a difference because the five hundred is the days that it would take to get to mars stay there and then come back. right that's conventional thinking i do unconventional thinking that i hope will be very well understood as being just that true and that is when human beings go to mars they are settlers they are colonizers it is very difficult very challenging the bring them back again we don't have the fuel we don't have the engines and i use
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something that's very well understood by people in america that the pilgrims on that ship called the bay flower that that left from england and came to the shores of the united states of america they did not wait around the landing place for the ship to take them back they came here. on american soil to live the rest of their life and so will the human beings that leave the earth become the pioneers the settlers the colonizers we need them there we need more of them there too to sustain our colony you can't do that with just six people twelve people twenty four people you need sixty who need one hundred. they're valuable where they are don't bring them back. to get in a rocking chair and write their memoirs they can write their memoirs from the
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surface of mars thank you very much but essentially. forty two thousand american strike each year for accidents will be a thousand to. seventeen thousand people murdered and thirty two thousand will kill themselves cancer in all its forms kills five hundred sixty thousand of us here part is easy the more devastating it chills over eight hundred seventy thousand americans every year. it's. easy.
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to. see. from. since.
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norway morin's the victims of friday's bombing and shooting rampage that claimed the lives of at least ninety three people and shook the country to its core the norwegian man charged with carrying out the attack says his actions were quote gruesome but necessary. thousands returned to the streets of madrid calling for the government to tackle unemployment and take action over the country's crippling recession this says greece gets the ok for another multibillion euro cash injection from the e.u. . and no pie in the face for murdoch this week but the media mogul still faces an opening salvo of questions in the u.s. over the phone hacking allegations murdoch and his son james were earlier grilled
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by the british parliament over the scandal that has shaken police politicians and the press. kate next with sports stay with us here on r.t. . hello welcome to the sports news and here are the headlines topflight battles champions in the move to within four points of leaders to scout with no one no winners angie the last of five russian premier league matches on sunday. while making history twice for runner up today evans becomes the first man from the southern hemisphere to win the tour de france. and the lord of the rings' mclaren's new scramble to fight so often and their lawns are not where they're playing his second victory of the season asked the german grand prix. refers to football and champions in its new creatures berg narrowed the gap to leaders to
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a sky to four points with a one zero victory at angie in the last of five premier league matches on sunday alexander got scored in the seventy nine minutes to give the defending champions their ninth win of the season and he while second bottom spot are now chick scored twice in the last two minutes it's natural to to draw a time to close nagar and ignore some sharp budget brace to help develop when to no rostov with thirty three year old midfield at reaching one hundred career goals in the process while in the early kick off spartak moscow try have to let you know that the i thing for the red lights would break through the first half of the to before last year's league top score of ellison posted the victory midway through the second with a fine display of personal skill. sparta and they're involved into their second home defeat in four days after they also lost to mediate as taste of the same scoreline on thursday. and beat a blistering debut in the russian translight for portuguese coach jersey with four
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different players on target for his locomotive side and therefore no pummeling here in moscow to reach you at school blasted in a free kick to get them going after thirty two minutes. and. but the railway went to nothing out just in the first half that's off turn provide us soon after the end of all setting up the macis a trough expect the kids to go flying in the back of the unchain and. alexander minchin cough completed a lopsided score line with a header after something like minutes for no talking. meanwhile in argentina peru trained the bronze medal at the copper america after a four one drubbing of ten thousand venezuela in the third place play off peru broke the deadlock three minutes before the break after really enjoyed our sport impose a couple of errors return pass and the situation got worse again as well of the game turning on its head when they were reduced to ten men on the hour. for the thomas income show
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a straight red and his club teammates go there though took full advantage for the opposite side to know just four minutes later what's up with thirteen minutes left one from under i go pull the go back for venezuela up to one that's the ten man record on the break as there goes through twice in stoppage time sealing his hat trick after he was left unlocked between the two central defenders so four one was the results. and in the meantime chill ceasing to put their pre-season back on track as the russian and twelve rebounded from a lackluster one nil win in malaysia comprehensive an all star team for them in bangkok for example open right before the break before the time keeper felt more interested which isn't the same work soon after the interval. mickey can set up branislav evanovich for the blues third and second half substitute floor luda completed the four no thumping with flair the chances first robust when you manage
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everything. else you go into next what aston villa all of you then head of the asia trophy tournament which also features fellow english premier league side like the rovers the villains will be using this event both to. try and reduce their pre-season fitness and to get to know better the new manager alex mcleish has got a ride at villa park from this arrivals burning in city last month in a move that has alienated some fans they were apparently not the players. it was really held the one to do the job but you know it was simple with us you want you want to work you want to ring games and go with us also not to inform the judges and in the truck american jobs. well meanwhile manchester united rallied to beat the chicago fire three one in a sixty one thousand strong slug friendly match at soldier field as they continued their pre-season tour of the us it wasn't an all specious start for new united that if the fair who allowed a koori gives to open after thirty minutes power that three second half goals
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settle the match where you rooney collided in the sixty sixth minute and ten metres out laughing all the silver with united in front and then ninety quickly wrapped up a three one victory and celebrated in some style it was united spurred straight victory on my tour after beating the new england revolution four one in the seattle sounders seven they'll. agree to it because you. can meanwhile realm we did a three match sweep in the world football challenge by beating the philadelphia union two one who's a reality only until after just two minutes you can take out. a difference you know it's ten minutes to go to the delight of fifty seven thousand pounds aside managed to speak to michael farfan but they are hung on so we can see ron are you wearing your squadron i had secured me a friend against civilians july twenty seventh. and
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elsewhere in the tournament yannick jelinek to those goals in the first half a sporting house that has been slightly to tally and johnson events to one into on so look it's only then seem to have pulled one back after the break. off for offside and then go into. through the second half tempers flared when tony picked up a yellow card however at least under the p.l.o. gave you the a lifeline with twenty minutes to go to want to see or fail to convert any of their other chances of the cycle ranch of the victors. to cycling and australia's could evans has become the first tour de france winner from the southern hemisphere after a largely ceremonial final stage concluded in paris on sunday the thirty four year old and two time runner up have gone with securitas first to ground to a title after taking the lead as yellow jersey on saturday i think the stunning time trial victory in the suburbs of renewable once again and had to settle for second best inching its runner up to thirty eight in
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a row his elder brother frank completed the podium can't mark cavendish finally takes over the point when it reaches a max nisar close to five stage victories completing that final drive through the french capital. and in formula one mclaren's lewis hamilton fought off the challenges of ferrari's fernando alonso and mark webber of red bull to claim his second victory of the season after uninstalling race the german grand prix webber had started on pole at a down from the green mountain to lead from him at the first world champion sebastian vettel spun off at one point but still came in fourth in the end not the true battle and folded for the podium places allison kept losing and regain control of the race easy runs and whether to the line vettel retains the overall lead in the standings east seventy seven points clear of whether the top. post strays feels nice is remaining. and finally that natalia bird because of belarus
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has taken the overall title at the world water skiing championships just outside moscow and reaching from port feet is there to see him do it. again. a small town one hundred twenty kilometers north of moscow were disposed yet to make it in to be lympics revenge as big as it can survive competitors will look to take home the biggest prize in waterskiing first awkward women's tricks events where the competitors try to put in as many moves as quickly as possible trying to get top marks from the judges a lot of the ways that we practice we use trampolines a canny you know bounce and we write our skis a logics the feel has edges and turns and it just takes a lot of falls in order to start learning a trick to certainly look spectacular but they take a lot of practice to get it right so you can sometimes lose their rhythm being one
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of the favorites prances in these cumbrae who was given to us when she won by better ruses natalia baird was rewarded optimist fantastic performance and certainly please go home crying out for fully behind the russians in the final bid nicobar start about life as jim asked for almost by mistake thinking of wolves doing some of the russian says a rather questionable a t. shirt it gives her an advantage gymnastics in general it's a really good start for any athlete playing at a sport but what is good is measure because it's really sad nicole and really it requires a lot of thinking a lot of coordination so gymnastics are very helpful and that has been water skiing for sixteen years while she trains in florida nevertheless she gets a lot of funding from a native bella ruse which allows her to put all our efforts into improving which is a luxury amongst most watched spears who are often forced to take up second jobs the situation is slowly improving for more and more sponsors coming on board
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however this still a long way to go right now it's kind of somewhere in the middle but it's not really a move and i think will happen more chances to move one where you accept the old three so that's a solid business clubs even. have different tournaments separate argument sixty in the past separately let's talk a little then to have a chance to get going to move the ball over or else it could be hired with equipment jackets lining everything unfortunately it could prove to be an excellent day for being the crowned overall world champion this championships was really good for me it was my dream after two thousand and seven thousand nine hundred sixty as as good as i do today the final event of the thing was the men's jump competition the world record was not sounding seventy forty meters from the platform just one point eight makes is cool to see is one able to get near that monk however proved to be no nightmares but wonderfully named freddy krueger as he pulled off a jump of a run straight first place full and over event was a great success for
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a popular with the posse spends time with me only downside being a lot of russians who are able to pass a lot of the medals. from whole fleet home to the most region. that's all the sports. hungry for the flu we've got it's. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on. a mission of free credit patient free transport drug free. arrangement free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free video gun to our teeth dot com.
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india also.


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